Buying "bonds" & "investing" local

A Dining & Retail “Bond” works like a traditional savings bond, where you can purchase a "bond" at a discounted rate to be redeemed for face value at a future maturity date.

100% of the purchase price will go to the participating business.

Once purchased, you will receive a paper copy of your “bond” in the mail. You

must retain and present this paper copy to the participating business in order to

redeem it.

EXAMPLE: A $75 "bond" becomes a $100 gift card starting March 1, 2021. The business gets the $75 immediately to use towards rent, payroll, and staying in businesses and you get rewarded for "investing" in them by honoring the bond at $100 that you bought for $75.

Loyal to Local is the facilitator of the “bond,” but the restaurant or retailer has

agreed to honor this like a gift certificate.

IMPORTANT: This is not an actual bond but it does have value. This is basically a

discounted gift certificate that you can use at a later date. This is bound by the

rules of gift certificates and gift cards, not an actual offer to buy securities under

federal securities laws.

"bonds" will be physically mailed to you.

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